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L12-17-01 Deltron L12-17-01 200W 12V 17A Redundant Hot Swap Power Supply

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Features / Specifications

L12-17-01 Deltron L12-17-01 200W 12V 17A Redundant Hot Swap Power Supply

Deltron L-Series Datasheet Details

The L Series is part of Deltron’s SlimLine group of 1U high power supplies. This series of single output self-cooled models is rated up to 250 watts, with each unit measuring 1.58”H x 1.86”W x 11.32”L. Uniquely packaged and highly compact, L Series modules fit a wide range of industrial, telecom and computer networking applications. These hot-pluggable units can be paralleled for additional power or used in combination with other models to meet multiple output requirements. When used in Deltron’s RA20A racking system, up to six L Series units can be mounted in a 1U high rack space to provide up to 1500 watts. Designed to meet applicable NEBS standards, units feature a proven topology coupled with excellent thermal management to achieve outstanding performance and safety. DC Good feature provides logic signal for monitoring power supply status. All models are available with redundancy option for parallel or N+1 hot pluggable applications. Low voltage models include N channel ultra low drop Or-ing circuit to maintain power supply efficiency.

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