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8-in-1 24-pin ATX Power Supply Tester

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Features / Specifications

8-in-1 24-pin ATX Power Supply Tester

This Power Supply Tester allows fast and easy tests for your power supply! You can use this device if you want to test an ATX power supply, but you don't have a motherboard to plug it into. Or if you suspect the power supply may be bad, and don't want to risk frying your motherboard just to test the power supply!

Just plug it into the power supply's 24-pin ATX connector, and it will turn the power supply on. The LED lights will indicate the status of the voltage.

  • Voltage Source: 20/24-pin ATX connector
  • Voltage Test: +12V, -12V, +5V, -5V, +3.3V, 5V standby (SB), 12V power good (PG)
  • Connectors 8-in-1: 20-pin, 24-pin, floppy, HDD/CD-ROM, SATA, 4-pin (P4), 8-pin (Dual CPU), 6-pin PCI Express
  • LED
  • On/Off button
  • Aluminum case

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