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3.5-Inch Hard Drive Protector, P/N: SHP-3

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Features / Specifications

3.5-Inch Hard Drive Protector, P/N: SHP-3

Stackable Rubber Cover For 3.5" Hard Drive Storage keep Your Hard Drives Safe!

We all do it, we take apart our PC to upgrade our hard drives. But the old drive is still good but you have no use for it. So we throw it in a drawer or leave it sitting precariously on a shelf that is a jolt away from tumbling to the floor, rendering it useless.

Those days are over! With these affordable rubber cases, you can store, protect and even stack your unused hard drives until you need them again. These rubber cases will fit any 3.5-inch drive!

  • Black rubber construction
  • Pliable
  • Fits 3.5-inch hard drives
  • Stackable

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