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AGPBRAKL AGP Slot Retention Mechanism

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Features / Specifications

AGPBRAKL AGP Slot Retention Mechanism

The AGP Retention Mechanism (RM) holds AGP and GPA** cards in place during shipping. This ensures that cards stay engaged with connectors during dynamic loading, and that systems boot on arrival. ECR #48 of the AGP specification details AGP retention.

** Graphics Performance Accelerator (GPA) cards were previously referred to as AIMM modules.

The AGP Retainer Bracket is available in two different handle orientations: left-handed and right-handed. Intel recommends the left-handed version for most platforms. Most system boards accommodate the left-handed AGP RM, and manufacturing capacity of the left-handed AGP RM exceeds capacity for the right-handed version. Make sure your systems can use the left-handed version of the AGP RM.

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