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5183-9960 / 5184-1244 HP Keyboard & Mouse, P/N: 5183-9960 / 5184-1244

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SKU: 20888P   Condition: New   P/N: 5183-9960 / 5184-1244   Availability: In Stock
Retail Price: $16.24
Sale: $12.99
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Features / Specifications

5183-9960 / 5184-1244 HP Keyboard & Mouse, P/N: 5183-9960 / 5184-1244

Built-in USB Hub Keyboard with scroll Mouse, HP P/N: 5183-9960 / 5184-1244

  • HP Keyboard P/N: 5183-9960 6511-SU (51839960)
  • HP Mouse P/N: 5184-1244 M-UB48 (5184-1244)
  • USB multimedia internet keyboard with 2 USB ports built-in
  • Hewlett Packard One Touch Internet and Multimedia controls
  • 2 USB ports built on each side of the keyboard
  • Dual tone keyboard color, translucent blue base with beige color main keyboard
  • Feature Buttons Including
  • Standby, Document Find, Print, FAX, Internet Shopping, Search, WWW, People, E-Mail, Short Cuts
  • CD/DVD Volume controller, FF, FB, Play, Stop, Open
  • You also can define all feature buttons at your own choice

    This is rated one of the best Internet Multimedia Keyboard & Made by Hewlett Packard and will work with all PC compatible computers.

    The HP USB keyboard lets you get on-line at the press of a button. Enjoy superior ergonomics, easy-to-use controls and smart looks. Eliminate unnecessary keystrokes with quick one-button access to often-used functions and destinations

    Connect to the Internet at the press of a button Comfortable and ergonomically correct Connect your USB mouse and peripherals via the keyboard Access applications easily with one-touch keyboard

    The keyboard also serves as a USB connection hub, allowing you to Connect your USB mouse plus a USB peripheral such as a digital camera, joystick, or MP3 player

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