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FSP180-60SI FSP180-60SI Sparkle 180W Sparkle Power Supply

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SKU: 21293P   Condition: New   P/N: FSP180-60SI   Availability: Sold out
Retail Price: $43.75
Sale: $35.00
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Features / Specifications

FSP180-60SI FSP180-60SI Sparkle 180W Sparkle Power Supply

The Slim-Line FSP180-60SI 180 watt is Micro ATX SFX form factor power supply is a special sized unit for some Flex computer Case. You definately need to pay attention to the dimensions of this power supply to make sure it fits your needs. This power supply is also a suitable upgrade to replace your FSP145-60SI.

  • Manufacturer: FSP Group - Sparkle
  • Model: FSP180-60SI
  • Compatible / Replacment / Upgarde: FSF145-60SI (MAX. 145W)
  • P/N: 9PA1800100
  • Form factor: SFX
  • Dimension: 2.5" x 3.5" x 6"
  • One ATX 20-Pin connector
  • One 12V 4-pin connector for P4 motherboard
  • Two 5.25" Drive 4-pin connectors
  • One 3.5" Floppy 4-pin connector
  • Switchable AC Input: 115 / 230 V 7/4A, 60/50Hz
  • Max Output Power: 180W
  • Integrated Noise Killer

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