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1U Low Profile Heatsink CPU Fan, 60x60x10mm Socket-A / 370

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Features / Specifications

1U Low Profile Heatsink CPU Fan, 60x60x10mm Socket-A / 370

These low profile coolers are designed specifically for Socket A/370 in the cramped confines of 1U rackmount applications.

Product Features:
  • Aluminum heatsink w/ high-density fin array
  • Easy-to-install built-in clip
  • 3-pin Molex fan connector

    Product Specifications:
  • Processors:Intel PIII PGA/Celeron (PPGA) All AMD K6, not AMD K6 233 MHz at 3.2V
  • Heatsink:Aluminum
  • Heatsink size:58x58x11mm
  • Fan Size:60x60x10mm
  • Fan Speed:5200rpm
  • Fan Bearing:Ball
  • Flow/Noise:12.5cfm/33dBA
  • Connector:3-pin
  • Other:Designed for 1U server

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