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8 x 6-inch USB Drawing Tablet with Cordless Pen and Mouse

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Features / Specifications

8 x 6-inch USB Drawing Tablet with Cordless Pen and Mouse

  • All mouse functions as a pointing device
  • Stylus pen with 1024 levels of pressure
  • Microsoft Handwriting Recognition supported
  • Hot cells for launching applications and PenCommander functions
  • Pen scrolling for easy browisng of documents and pictures
  • Remote, shared electronic whiteboard using Microsoft NetMeeting
  • Bundled with PenSuite w/PenSigner, Annotate for Word,......Annotate All, PenCommander, and PenMail
  • Bundled with Corel Painter Classic

    Tablet Features:
    • 8 x 6-inch working area
    • Pen indicator
    • Built-in USB cable (54-inch length, approximate)
    Wireless Mouse Features:
    • 3 buttons
    • 400 dpi resolution
    • Operates on one (1) AAA battery (included)
    • Easy to control
    Pen features:
    • Compatible with most graphic software (Painter, Adobe Photoshop)
    • Offers real painting feeling as you are drawing on the paper
    • Operates on one (1) AAA battery (included)
    Package Includes:
    • Tablet
    • Wireless Mouse
    • Pressure Pen w/holder
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Driver and Pen suite V4.12 CD
    Product Requirements:
    • IBM PC or compatible with 80486 processor or above
    • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
    • 64 MB RAM
    • 128 MB free hard disk space
    • CD-ROM drive
    • USB port

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