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ATX Power Supply Tester for 4-Pin, 20-Pin & 24-Pin

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Features / Specifications

ATX Power Supply Tester for 4-Pin, 20-Pin & 24-Pin

If you want to test an ATX power supply, but you don't have a motherboard to plug it into, or you suspect the power supply may be bad, and don't want to risk frying your motherboard just to test the power supply! Turn to the Power Judge for your answers!

This power supply not only tests 20-pin and 24-pin connectors, but also tests 4-pin molex connectors and floppy power connectors. An added bonus whith the power judge is it is one of the first power supply testers that has over voltage detection.

  • Over voltage detection
  • 20 + 4 pin power supply connector testing
  • Suitable for 20 or 24 pin power supply
  • F.D.D. / H.D.D. connector testing
  • Voltage function indicator (+3.3v, -12v, -5v, +12v, +5v, +5vsb)
  • Intelligent analysis indicator
  • Helps prevent accidental damage to your computer
  • Quick and easy method for testing power supplies

  • 24-pin power connector (also works with 20-pin power supplies)
  • 4-pin peripheral Molex power connector
  • Power HDD connector
  • Floppy connector

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