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Logitech Cordless Desktop Express - Keyboard & Optical Mouse

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SKU: 21939P   Condition: New, Retail Box   Availability: Sold out
Retail Price: $36.25
Sale: $29.00
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Features / Specifications

Logitech Cordless Desktop Express - Keyboard & Optical Mouse

  • Keyboard M/N: Y-RE57 867697-0403
  • Mouse M/N: M-RR95 831102-0000
  • Receiver M/N: C-SF17 831140-0000

    It's time for cordless with Logitech's Desktop Express that offers lots of convenience, simplicity, and of course freedom. Forget about the hassle of having to deal with cables all over your desk. With the Cordless Desktop Express you can adjust audio volume or launch your web home page with the simple press of a button on your spill-proof keyboard. The cordless optical mouse lets you work smoothly and freely on almost any surface so feel free to explore.

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