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NBT-CMI241SX-C Foxconn CMI-24-1S up to 2.4GHz P4 478-Pin Cooler

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SKU: 22016P   Condition: New, Retail Box   P/N: NBT-CMI241SX-C   Availability: Sold out, alternate cooler SKU 21672
Retail Price: $10.62
Sale: $8.50
You Save: $2.12 (20%)
Features / Specifications

NBT-CMI241SX-C Foxconn CMI-24-1S up to 2.4GHz P4 478-Pin Cooler

Foxconn is the worldwide leader in design and production of PC components and engineering solutions. As a valued OEM heat sink manufacturer and ODM thermal solutions provider for such names as HP, Compaq, Dell, Intel, AMD, Apple, IBM, and Cisco (amongst others), Foxconn hails itself as the industry leader in engineering, manufacturing, and customer support. New for 2003, CasEdge is proud to offer the Foxconn line of CPU coolers now made available to the outside end user. Designed in the USA under the strictest of guidelines mandated by Intel and AMD, these coolers bring incredible quality and thermal performance to the table at the low cost that has made Foxconn the go-to component provider in the PC industry.

  • P/N: NBT-CMI241SX-C
  • Fan Dimension: 70 x 70 x 15 mm
  • Fan Speed: 3200+/-10% RPM
  • Air Flow Rate: 20.8 CFM
  • Connector: 3 pin
  • Heat Sink Dimension: 83.8 x 70 x 58
  • Clip: Two steel clip with thumb tap

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