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A1745 Thermaltake Extreme Volcano 12 Socket-A up to XP3400+

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SKU: 22136P   Condition: New, Retail Blister Pack   P/N: A1745   Availability: Sold out
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Features / Specifications

A1745 Thermaltake Extreme Volcano 12 Socket-A up to XP3400+

  • Application for AMD Athlon XP up to 3400+ & AMD Sempron up to 2800+
  • The best cooling, high density all copper heat sink (66 fins)
  • Powerful 80x80x32 fan, 2 ball bearing,triple blades
  • VR control function, fit in 3.5 hard drive bay and PCI slot
  • Auto temperature control
  • All copper base
Fan Speed
2000 10% RPM at 20C ~
5500 10% RPM at 55C
Fan Dimension
80x80x32 mm
Max Air Flow
26.50 CFM at 20C
72.92 CFM at 55C
Heatsink Dimension
82x65.6x49 mm (66 fins)
Air Pressure
3.29mmH2O at 20C
9.06mmH2O at 55C
Rated Voltage
21 dBA at 2000 RPM
48 dBA at 5500 RPM
Started Voltage
Bearing Type
2 Ball bearing
Rated Current
0.08 ~ 0.45A
Life Expectation
80,000 hours
Power Input
0.96 ~ 5.40W

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