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Antec Copper-Base Socket-A / 370 CPU Cooling Fan

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SKU: 22430P   Condition: New, Retail Blister Pack   Availability: Sold out, substitute by DC1206BM
Retail Price: $11.25
Sale: $9.00
You Save: $2.25 (20%)
Features / Specifications

Antec Copper-Base Socket-A / 370 CPU Cooling Fan

  • Supports up to XP3000+ CPU's
  • One-piece Copper-embedded aluminum base with fin structure for superior heat conductivity.
  • 80 fins with a total of 150 square inch surface area (3 times more than a conventional heatsink) for maximum heat dispersion
  • Ball bearing fan for extended life
  • Compatible : Intel Socket 370 FC-PGA, Celeron, Pentium, Pentium MMX, Pentium III AMD Duron, Athlon/XP (Socket A, T-bird, T-bred etc), K5 thru K6-3

  • For AMD K7 Socket-A (Socket-462) CPU
  • AMD Recommended up to XP3000+
  • INTEL: Pentium 3 Socket 370 all speed

  • Overall Dimension 61x63x46.2 mm
  • Thermal Resistance 0.476 C/W
  • Weight 236.32 g

    Heat Sink
  • Material Aluminum A1070
  • Dimension 61.9*63*36.2 mm

  • Dimension 60x60x10 mm
  • Speed 5300
  • Ball Bearing
  • Rated Voltage 12 V
  • Air Flow 24.4 cfm
  • Noise Level 40 dBA
  • Air Press: 0.18 inch-H2O

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