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Logitech Corded iTouch Keyboard, P/N:867102-0100

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SKU: 22574P   Condition: New, Retail Box   Availability: Sold out
Retail Price: $56.25
Sale: $45.00
You Save: $11.25 (20%)
Features / Specifications

Logitech Corded iTouch Keyboard, P/N:867102-0100

Logitech iTouch PS/2 Keyboard with Dual USB Ports

  • itouch Internet: Access the internet, open email, search or launch your favorite application with one touch of a key.
  • itouch Multimedia: Play CD, MP3 file and DVD, mute and change volume using easy one-touch controls.
  • USB 2 port hub: Conveniently plug USB devices directly into your keybaord without leaving your desk.
  • USB cable management: Eliminate desktop clutter with Logitech patented USB cable management.

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