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PS2 Foldable & Waterproof Keyboard - Blue

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SKU: 23021P   Condition: New   Availability: Sold out
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Features / Specifications

PS2 Foldable & Waterproof Keyboard - Blue

This foldable keyboard is excellent for laptops or to bring to lan parties. Keep one in your laptop case and you will always have a comfortable full sized keyboard everywhere you go. Features plug and play compatibility and membrane contact technology for high reliability. The key action is a soft touch tactile click and is very quiet. Patent pending in most countries.

  • Foldable keyboard for waterproof and dust-proof
  • Designed for Windows
  • Improved space-saving design by applying TPU material
  • One Piece pattern prevent dust with water resistant
  • Highly reliable membrane contact technology
  • Soft-Touch, Quick Tactile key action
  • International key layout

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