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110-Key USB Foldable Keyboard - Blue

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SKU: 23026P   Condition: New   Availability: Sold out, other color SKU 21975
Retail Price: $31.25
Sale: $25.00
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Features / Specifications

110-Key USB Foldable Keyboard - Blue

New & Cool Foldable Keyboard!

You hardly imagine that such a simple design of keyboard solves problems that a conventional keyboard cannot do. With it's sealed feature, you can simply prevent fluid, dirt, grime, acid, peptide, moisture, salt, sands, etc.

It is extremely durable to wash and flexibly foldable to transport. So it has been used widely--in Hospitals, Universities Garages, Emergency Medical Units, Police Departments, Kitchens, Ships, Army Troops even Wars, etc. You can use it in any polluted environment or simply use it as a conventional keyboard.

This keyboard is excellent for laptops or to bring to lan parties. Keep one in your laptop case and you will always have a comfortable full sized keyboard everywhere you go.

  • Sealed design for preventing fluid, dirt, grime, acid, etc
  • Water resistant, foldable, portable and washable
  • Dimension: 475(L) x 155(W) x 14(H) mm
  • Weight: 220 g 10g
  • USB Connector
  • Color: Translucent blue
  • Switch life: 10 million life cycles
  • Operating humidity: -20C - 50C
  • Operating temperature : -36C - 165C
  • Demattia flexing: 150,000 cycles non-damaged
  • 100% compatible with Win95/98/ME/NT/2000 and Office 97/2000/XP
  • FCC, CE, CNS, VCCI, EMI, AUSTEL, Windows Logo approved

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