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Creative Labs 56K V.90 PCI Data/Voice/Fax Modem

Creative Labs 56K V.90 PCI Data/Voice/Fax Modem - Click to enlarge
Creative Labs 56K V.90 PCI Data/Voice/Fax Modem - Click to enlarge
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Features / Specifications

Creative Labs 56K V.90 PCI Data/Voice/Fax Modem

Creative Labs DI5630 ModemBlaster Flash 56 Internal 56K V.90 Modem.
Whether you need a modem to surf the Internet, send and receive e-mail, transfer files, play online games or download and listen to your favorite MP3 files, the Modem Blaster® PCI is the right choice for you. Its 32-bit PCI bus delivers higher data transfer speeds between your PC's CPU and the modem at all times. Featuring wide compatibility, you will gladly experience a fast and easy installation and trouble-free configuration. It is designed to work with Windows® 95 and its more recent versions for maximum flexibility and expandability potential. And to ensure optimum connection speeds, the Modem Blaster® PCI features an upgradeable Flash ROM that allows you to download the most recent V.90 protocol updates.

Features :
  • Features both 56K V.90 and 56K Flex support.
  • Data/Fax/Voice and Speakerphone support.
  • Supports Rockwell's audio Span (SCD) for simultaneous voice and data (56K Flex only).
  • Voice mail (requires standard sound card).
  • Controller and DSP upgradeable with flash memory.
  • Multiple mailboxes with pager notification of incoming messages, data and fax.
  • Messages playback through a phone handset, modem mic/speaker or a sound card.
  • Full-duplex Speakerphone with echo cancellation if a microphone and speakers are connected.
  • Plug and Play installation with Windows 9X.
  • V.80 capability for compatibility with H.324 Standard point-to-point videotelephony over regular phone lines and also support H.323 Internet applications including video conferencing.
  • Connects directly to a Sound Blaster sound card and includes a TAD (telephone answering device) interface to connect to other sound cards.
  • Wakeup On Ring feature automatically powers up PC from sleep mode when a call comes in.

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