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BIM560-C iPort PCMCIA 56K V.90 Fax Modem

BIM560-C iPort PCMCIA 56K V.90 Fax Modem - Click to enlarge
BIM560-C iPort PCMCIA 56K V.90 Fax Modem - Click to enlarge
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Features / Specifications

BIM560-C iPort PCMCIA 56K V.90 Fax Modem

Top performance and simplicity come to the iPort PC card. There's no need to carry special media coupler to make a connection with the perfect iPort connectors. The BroMax iPort V.90 56K Fax modem card enables the Internet connections at incredible rates up to 56Kbps (download) through telephone lines. It's ITU-T compliant and Hayes AT command compatible, so that it can be used in worldwide with today's popular communication software programs.

What's more. It support industry and ITU-T standard error correction and data compression Protocols. They feature the Plug and Play compatibility and hot swap capability. Low power consumption and automatic sleep mode extend battery life and reduces heat for system operation. They are the ideal choice for Internet connectivity through telephone lines nowadays.

iPort design that integrates RJ-11 connector into the PC card
No moving parts to break and no media coupler to lose
PCMCIA 2.1 and JEIDA 4.2 compliant and later
PC Card standard 68-pin 16-bit PCMCIA interface
Low power consumption and automatic sleep mode to extend Notebook PC battery life
Up to 33.6Kbps Transmit and 56Kbps Receive
14.4Kbps Fax Send & Receive
Auto-step downward compatibility for connection
V.42bis/MNP 5 Data Compression
V.42/MNP 4 Error Correction
Dialing Capability : DTMF tone and rotary pulse
Flow Control : Hardware CTS/RTS , Software XON/XOFF
Standards ITU V.90
PCMCIA 2.1 & JEIDA 4.2
Type PCMCIA Type II Extended
Speed Transmit 33.6Kbps
Receive 56Kbps
Error Correction MNP Levels 2-4
ITU V.42
Data Compression MNP Levels 5
ITU V.42bis
Line Requirement Public Switched Telephone Network

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